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Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Organizations – To Build A More Voluntary And Sustainable Society.

Version 1 (Basically a first draft).

Good ideas don’t require force.

Instead of asking the government to fix our problems in its twisted and unnatural way, we can build our own solutions which can easily out-compete the idea of the State and create a much better world for us.

We are living in truly transformative times. We have tools today that we never even dreamed of just a few years ago. Governments around the world are failing and we have a real opportunity to turn people off of the religion of the State.

Voluntary association is a fundamental right. It is our obligation to build the tools and communities that can provide for our own welfare.

Blockchain funding, contracts, and reputation systems have the ability to help us create vast arrays of community-specific organizations.

There may be nearly unlimited potential applications for mutual aid organizations, but to begin, let’s look at some glaringly obvious places where we could benefit right now.


There once was a thriving economy of mutual aid organizations in the United States. The American Medical Association (AMA) crushed them. Check out this book for more on that. David Beito’s “From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State

How do we go about rebuilding them without permission?

Things are already happening.
STEEM Now Has A Healthcare Application

There are also health shares. One of the most well known is Liberty HealthShare. It may be a good model to look at. I have spent some time on their website and I have heard people discuss it and it does sound interesting.


Mutual aid organisations can be used for protection services.
Dale Brown of Detroit’s “threat management center”

Derrick Broze and his concept of Freedom Cells

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