New Ways to Find Missing People.

Trace Labs has a new way to enlist the help of experts in the mission of locating missing people using crowd sourcing and open sourced information.

The problem is that Law Enforcement is too busy looking for easy money like cracking down on prohibition and infractions than it is in actual police work like finding missing people. We could get into all the reasons that is, but I will stick to the subject at hand for now.

The reality is that it really does take a lot of skill, human resources and commitment to a case to hopefully find some trace of evidence. This is where a new paradigm of investigative techniques is being explored.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The use of the words Open Source in the context of Open Source Intellegnece is a little different than the meaning mostly used in the rest of DiggnDeeper content. Open Source Intelligence is simply the use of information which is “openly” available to the general public, particularly for use in security and forensics.

Once again, this gamification in the arena of crowd sourcing and open information should be another great opportunity for platforms like the Steem blockchain. If we could devise a way to build information which is stored on a blockchain, yet is also editable like a Git repo (keeping records of all transactions), experts could use this information for forensics and openly solve all sorts of cases.

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